12 Greatest Tinder ‘About Me Personally’ Tips (Examples Which Get Schedules)

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Can you choose movie? That’s fantastic, we made a video where we review a bad Tinder about me personally + share a great bio!


no. 1: The self-cockblock within Tinder about me personally (BIG ERROR!)

I’ll demonstrate the profile of an outright stunner.

The sort of girl the majority of dudes would contact a



I appropriate swiped this lady merely last night to run a tiny bit

This is what her profile looked like:

I blurred out her face naturally. You need to believe me once I reveal whenever I state it really is a cute one.

But it is not the lady photograph i wish to talk about.

Underneath her thoroughly chosen photos, there’s a very carefully authored Tinder about me.


Let us zoom in thereon:

Once I revealed this profile towards the men regarding the TextGod team, their unique impulse had been exactly the same as mine.

Master amount owner

Alright, cool.

University trainer

Alright, certainly not certain exactly what that means but rather cool I guess.

Dancing fan

Pretty, sounds feminine.


Alright she works out, dope.

Now everybody I showed the profile too altered their particular tone of voice whenever checking out her bio aloud. After offering 4 times, folks start to get frustrated with this specific text.

IQ 139, level 1.72 m

Is this some form of laugh?

Trying to find a soulmate (aka the one who detests foolish hoes and respects actual women in so far as I do)

Whenever her bio goes from ‘cool’ to ‘more dilemmas than Vogue’ genuine fast.

My personal head made an instant link with this guy:

I’ve several awards that We achieved using my 147 IQ (certified genius by medical standards)

(I know this screenshot seems like it can’t be real but unfortunately you’ll find whole collections of those. Discover hordes of wonderful guys that truly text like this.)

High IQ dudes stating their particular IQ in their bio or messages, are like low IQ guys revving their own applications regarding road, considering these are generally cool.

Oh wow, i will have sex thereupon man revving their vehicle motor!

]—No lady actually ever

Anyway, we digress.

To this stunner with her Einstein brain.

The woman bio SCREAMS



No confident person who’s quite happy with him- or herself seems the necessity to be considered like this. Something this individual trying to prove?

Perhaps a worldwide truth is:

When someone exhibits their own IQ without warning, these are typically likely moronic and vulnerable.

(Besides, it has been established that IQ is actually an incorrect measure of cleverness as a result of the range and selection of mental abilities individuals might have. The guy within the screenshot may have an IQ of 147, it seems like their EQ is actually near 10.)

Goddamnit, I digress once again. Where happened to be we?

Oh yeah, this lady’s Tinder about me example screams



And that’s just what the bios of several guys scream aswell.

And other people do not want any kind of it.

Exactly like
revealed all of us. Profiles with high degrees of SSP (discerning self-presentation) perform improperly in internet dating.

Experts envisioned that high SSP pages and large warranting (evidence to give cerdibility to their accomplishments), will be the best on matchmaking applications.

But scientists happened to be incorrect.

It had been pages with

reduced SSP

but large warranting that were top.

For example, you compose a blog site and also you warrant it by linking your blog.

Cannot boast about any of it, simply believe that everything you come up with and offer individuals with a hyperlink towards weblog.

(unfortuitously personally, currently talking about Tinder an internet-based online dating advice can backfire occasionally.)

no. 2: Tinder profile text: college student example

I will demonstrate another typical error that prices gay black men dating.

One you will be creating too, and you skill about this and that means you score a lot more matches.

Understand this bio that your readers provided:

Wooh, which is a lengthy m’fukkah.

Why don’t we go over it with each other, part by part.

Once I was younger, women did not like as I pulled their head of hair… amusing just how circumstances alter *emoji emoji*

Alright, pretty good. Not sure if you have viewed this prior to, but i’ve.

Nevertheless numerous women on Tinder might be new to this line, of course therefore, it’s going to probably will make sure they are make fun of.

In addition, it really is a great


way of sexualizing.

Tired of swiping remaining

With this specific part, Julian is actually playing

hard to get

. Ladies aren’t really impressing him, in which he’s planning to get a flash infection from swiping left such.


1.93 m


Education each day


Quite definitely into private development

He’s high, he’s jacked, with his mind is jacked too. Alright…

IG @blablablabla

The guy links his Instagram, that’s packed with pics of him undertaking all sorts of sporting events. Plus some scenery shots.

Linking your Instagram can be

one of many best activities to do

. If you have quality content, then she can browse through in your mind’s need. Without you getting a silly tryhard, posting every pictures towards
matchmaking profile
, doing your best to check very cool.

No, not a catfish. (As far as I understand)

a variation of his “Sick of swiping kept”, but just a little different.

He’s just about claiming “Hey, I know this appears to advisable that you be correct, but it’s real. I can be found.”

In accordance with medical analysis there is certainly a 90per cent possibility that single cause you’re here on Tinder, is actually for the benefit of mental confirmation. Where particular instance, there is a 99percent possibility we won’t match anyway

Julian went TextGod regarding matter and did his investigation. The guy let us
realize that he is as much as their own concealed agenda. Him as well as the girls simply have
1% probability of matching


What do you might think of the bio, my personal beloved reader?





Typical just like the sized coach Dan’s donger?

A Tinder about me personally section in this way is actually… Overkill.


It’s like Julian selected all sorts of things he considered noteworthy and tossed all of them using one big stack, hoping that any kind of cohesion is unimportant.

The guy combines a
amusing bio
, with a pompous bio, with many informative information about himself (never. Fucking. Try this. More about this shameful method later in the post.), with arbitrary reality about internet dating.

I suppose had reasons to provide this random fact to his bio. But Really don’t truly see what its. Possibly he or she is blocking the actual women which can be in fact trying to hook up?

Everything you can’t see in this post, is actually Julian’s pictures, where in actuality the pattern continues. You can observe a dysfunction of 3 Tinder about myself ideas within this video I made:

He has excellent pictures, but filled all 9 slots with pictures of him appearing cool.

One position had been full of the hair-pulling line in the shape of a meme. Overkill.

The truth is, there’s fantastic stuff inside the bio. We just need to cut the majority of it and choose one factor.

He could merely keep your tresses taking joke.

This combined with two
strong Tinder images
along with his IG connected, will make a solid profile. A profile that targets ladies looking some fun.

Or he could discuss the scientific fact, and include a call to action to it.

“Swipe appropriate if you should be in fact shopping for some thing serious.”

That will generate his profile more desirable for women in search of really love.

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number 3: Good Tinder about me personally for guys (My personal very first killer bio actually ever)

It’s really no key to TextGod audience that I happened to be a virgin until I found myself 22, very nearly 23.

And possibly you’ve currently heard that round the time Tinder become popular, my lay matter grew quicker than a voyeurist’s shlong at a topless coastline.

It-all started when in 2013 I journeyed towards United States of America. Pasadena, L. A. as a lot more exact.

Tinder had been brand-new, but it had been a hot topic in the usa.

Some women I came across confirmed the app to my good friend and that I.

All enthusiastic, we immediately made a profile through its support.

My friend had been the person in high school. He was the real life type of the internet

If you’re acquainted with the meme, then you can envision that which we had been like.

The Virgin was all me personally, excluding the tiny penis. And I never ever used unique Balance footwear.

My pal ended up being the Chad okay. He even met with the blondish tresses and blue eyes. He had been additionally genetically muscular and could bench above the typical gym rodent, without education.

Whenever our very own feminine friends browsed through out photos to set up the
Tinder profile
, it had gotten confronting personally.

Their profile ended up being an instant hit.

My profile was actually uhm… instant shit.

You appear better in true to life than on your images!

” The girls concurred.

(My personal very first Tinder day wasn’t anything to write house about)


Oh apologies, fantastic sir. I want to get straight to the point.

Once I got back to
, I checked out my parents.

We informed my mommy concerning the Tinder software hence girls stated I appeared better in real world.

And my personal mom performed what mothers are meant to perform, she said:

“Louis, you are usually beautiful.”

And this assisted me.

Given that it became my personal first successful Tinder bio.

Here is what I published:

“in accordance with my buddies I’m a lot more beautiful in real life, but my personal mother states i am usually breathtaking.”

And my personal goodness, performed my suits enhance.

And I also got established once in a while also!

Exactly what this bio kind of did, is an activity Andy tall from college of Iowa describes right here:

“you intend to balance all those things is actually great about your self with items that aren’t unfavorable, but much more humble or reasonable about yourself.”

And here is the sort of reactions i acquired along with it:




Why is it added legit, usually it was actually considering living. It wasn’t just copy-pasted from someone else.

This bio appealed to an extensive audience, it don’t target any person is specific.

No sounding girls had gotten weeded on, and no category of ladies was especially addressed.

When occasionally, which is just what you should be performing…

number 4: most readily useful Tinder about me captions

Contained in this tip might learn something individuals who are already in an union, typically desire they had recognized.

Something that has a HUGE effect on how you will begin Tinder.

See, an excellent Tinder about me for guys has to perform several things:

Generate their make fun of

Allow this lady to discuss

But most of all of the, it requires to



This is especially true if you reside in a huge area.

, Moscow, Mexico City,
, Istanbul, The Friendzone, …

There are lots of huge places with millions of people. And there tend to be outcomes…

Long tale light:

  • Big city
  • Many individuals
  • Large Tinder online dating share
  • Lots of opposition
  • Very easy to be simply ‘meh’ and swiped kept

But it addittionally suggests:

  • Big city
  • Many individuals
  • Huge Tinder internet dating pool
  • More women in the market this is certainly precisely your type
  • You should appeal to just them, with

    a distinct segment bio that filters out your exact sort

Notice me personally aside.

I firmly genuinely believe that option is an essential element of a relationship.

(basically incredibly distressing to inform people who have been collectively for years already, but they aren’t happy making use of their union.)

Permit me to go this idea toward work floor.

Think about you work your own personal company.

Absolutely a man you girl you hired some time right back.

But not too long ago it concerned your interest that this lady has an idle and passive character.

Out of the blue transforming her into a dynamic and hands-on individual, is a tiring and time-consuming task.

It can happen far better to just employ a hands-on person.

And it’s exactly the same in relationships, if not with hook-ups!

When I’m composing this, the TextGod group and I are living in Vilnius for 30 days.

To uh… explore its culture.

Mentor Dan came back from a date yesterday and was sort of annoyed at himself:

“Man… my first big date associated with evening ended up being a lady I saw for all the second time and she did not need to make out…”

He informs me.

“…So ok, that is not likely to be a hookup. Good, today i understand to stop texting the lady. Nevertheless now she is texting myself!”

You could potentially state this is exactly a

option error

by all of them. Because all of all of them have actually lost their unique the majority of precious source: time.

Dan wanted a quick romance.

His time needed a serious commitment.

This could seem cruel, but it is the harsh real life for many people on Tinder.

Naturally, a hookup often turns into a lovely, lasting
. And a relationship sort occasionally just wants a-one evening stand… But those constitute just half the normal commission associated with as a whole picture.

Do not get writing a party bio when you’re trying to find arty.

Never expect to
get put on Tinder tonight
as soon as profile has an image of you cuddling your pet dog, you cuddling your baby cousin, and a few motivational quote about attaining targets.

Know very well what you are considering, and tailor your Tinder about me to draw in properly the kind.

number 5: Steal my personal profile text

For you personally we included a video to generally share a lot more
Tinder recommendations
in this post.

When you look at the preceding video I reveal my niche Tinder about me personally.

It is extremely beneficial to attract exactly your own type on any dating app.

Go here today:

number 6: Five amusing Tinder about me examples

Time for many amusing Tinder about me ideas for you!

Over time, these lines have become residential property associated with interweb, so content and take like there is no the next day.

We’ll put all of them on your own screen in book bubbles, because that appears cooler than normal book.

This one is actually fun if you are tilting a lot more towards sexual encounters:

I got a B+ in Human Sexuality in college, therefore why don’t we merely state I’m sure my personal means around a

*checks badly scribbled notes*


Should you want to enable it to be TRULY obvious you aren’t wanting any such thing severe, try this one:

I’m on Tinder to help make buddies the same exact way I am on PornHub to see the plumber restoration the sink.

If you are positive and intend on meeting the woman moms and dads:

I am the kinda man you’ll take-home in order to satisfy the mommy. She’s going to think i am super amusing, and lovely… and sweet, but really type gorgeous while doing so? She drops in deep love with myself. I… believe I feel the same exact way. We obtain married. I’m the dad now.

We confront you, “young woman what makes you on Tinder?” You’re now grounded.

Actually seen the good ol’ Old Spice offer? Or them?

This bio parodies the original:

Hello Women,

Consider the finally guy you matched, today back to myself, today to the last man you paired, now back to me. Unfortunately, he could ben’t me, however, if he ended making their bio blank, and had much better photographs, the guy might be like me. Look down, backup, in which have you been? You are on tinder using the guy you dream about. What exactly is inside hand, returning to myself. It really is a pizza along with your preferred toppings onto it. Look once more, the pizza has grown to be your preferred dog. Anything’s feasible once you accommodate me on Tinder.